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Green & Woodland Funerals

green and woodland funerals in Sheffield by Dysons funeral directors

Green & woodland funerals...

A green funeral is usually focused around reducing the impact a funeral may have on the environment. Some people choose to have coffins made from natural sustainable materials such as cardboard. Green funerals are much the same as traditional burials – a coffin is buried in the ground, but often only one person can go in a grave space and there is no right to erect a memorial stone. A tree is often planted nearby.

Woodland funerals usually take place within acres of natural countryside.  They offer a beautiful alternative to a traditional ceremony. Burial plots are set amongst wild flowers and trees or family members can choose to scatter ashes within the peaceful grounds.

There are several places where woodland burials can take place. We are pleased to advise you of the various places available – from the countryside of Derbyshire to areas of Sheffield or further afield. The nearest one in Sheffield would be Wisewood Cemetery which overlooks the scenic Loxley Valley.

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